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Market / Prices: Brazil
Tropical timber does well despite market

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All change as softwood deal ends . . .
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Plywood report: Japan
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Canada: Truce over logging fight
Battle over BC rainforest latest

South Africa / UK: Sappi appoints CEO
New appointment for division

Carter Holt branches out
Company wins plaudits, but stock chopped

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Brazil: Tropical timber doing well

The tropical timber industries in Brazil are doing well and while the market has cooled slightly this is not yet a serious limitation. In fact, recent investments in the tropical timber industry have resulted in an improvement in competitiveness.

Actions have been directed at reducing costs and adding value. Mills are showing a preference for investing in secondary processing rather than increasing output of primary products.

Outside the Amazon, the timber industry, which is based on forest plantations, continues to expand capacity while at the same time adding value. The Government has included the forest industry among the priority export sectors and this has resulted in supportive action including support for expansion and efforts to increase competitiveness and for support to find and open new markets.

Recent prices for logs at mill yards per cubic metre are:

Mahogany 1st Grade US$430 ; Ipe US$91 ; Jatoba US$50 ; Guaruba US$39 ; and Mescla (white virola) US$34.

The economic crisis in Turkey has had some spill over effects on the economic situation in Argentina. In addition, the prospect of a further de-acceleration of the US economy is creating a climate of uncertainty in the MERCOSUL area.

This has aggravated the problems of the devaluation of the Brazilian currency. Since January the real has lost around 6% against the dollar. However, most economists agree that the recent devaluation is a necessary adjustment and that exchange rates will stabilise in a few months.

Fortunately, and despite the problems, the economy continues to do better than projections. Industrial growth in January 2001 has just been announced and confirms the optimistic view. In January industrial production increased by more than 10% over the same period of last year.

The most serious problem that continues to create some apprehension is the trade balance. In the first two months of 2001 the deficit was around US$500 million. The Brazilian government is reportedly creating new mechanisms to increase exports, but imports of machinery, and also raw materials to support the strong industrial growth, are increasing. For the next few months a trade surplus is expected driven by grain exports. The application of new technologies and good weather in most regions has lifted grain production.

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Indonesia: Risk-taker tycoon battles for survival
Indonesian tycoon Eka Tjipta Widjaja, a risk-taker who's built and lost several fortunes, is an old man with a Chinese superstition against dying in debt.

USA: Bush proposes 2002 timber sales 952 million - 2 billion board feet
The U.S. Forest Service would offer from 952 million to 2.0 billion board feet of timber for sale in fiscal 2002, according to detailed budget documents released on Monday by the Bush administration.

China: Ta Fu renamed Fulbond Holdings
Taiwan-based timber products maker Ta Fu International Holdings Ltd on Monday said it has been renamed Fulbond Holdings Ltd on April 3.

Germany: Furniture industry expects 3% turnover increase
The German furniture industry expects to report a rise in turnover of about 3% to DM 43.6 billion for 2000 and a similar increase for 2001.

Indonesia: Government urged to impose log export ban
The Indonesian Government has been urged to review the country’s log export policy.

Japan: Lumber consumption rises 2.1% - exceeding new housebuilding growth
Japan's consumption of plywood, particleboard and fibreboard for the year 2000 was 1,1269,000 cubic metres - 2.1% more than in 1999. This growth exceeded the growth in new housing starts, which was only 1.3% in 2000.

Puerto Rico: World of Wood 2001 promotes sustainability
Sustainability was a key theme of World of Wood 2001, the 45th annual convention of the International Wood Products Association, organisers said.

USA/Africa: Researchers to analyse Namibian woodland and biomass
Timber researchers are set to undertake an analysis of woodland and assess alternative uses for biomass in Namibia, Africa.

Now the agreement is over, what next ?

Canadian timber firms charged on Friday that U.S. producers have asked for duty and anti-dumping fees of up to 107 percent on softwood lumber imports, a much higher figure than originally thought.

The Canadian producers accused their U.S. rivals of seeking "ludicrous" penalties in the petition they filed on Monday with the U.S. federal government aimed at restricting imports from Canada of spruce, pine and fir in various forms of construction material.

Members - Find out the latest reports on the softwood disagreement on TIMBERWeb.

Japan: Tropical Hardwood imports

Every day TIMBERWeb publishes the latest news reports from the timber and forest products industry globally. We also publish a series of market reports authored by respected organisations. To access these articles email news@timberweb.com. Here is one example:

Japanese imports of tropical hardwood lumber and processed hardwood products manufactured in China during 2000 rose by 23.3% compared to 1999.

The total import of tropical hardwood solid wood products in 2000 was 973,401 cubic meters, 5.6% up from 1999, out of which lumber accounted for 627,000 cubic meters, only 1.7% up. Imports of processed products were 347,000 cubic meters, 13.5% up.

By source, Malaysia accounted for more than a half of the supply but imports from China and the Philippines grew by 20% over 1999.

Plywood (including blockboard) imports by Japan during January amounted to 439,000 cubic metres including block board, 3.1% down from December but some 4.7% up from January a year ago. Monthly imports of over 400,000 cubic metres have continued since last October as importers attempted to buy in anticipation of a weakening yen.

Indonesia was the top supplier at 238,000 cubic metres, 3.7% less than December, then came Malaysia with 168,000 cubic metres, down 3.6%. Imports from Canada remain low at around 13,000 cubic metres, down 4.9% on December.

The rapid rebound of Euro against yen, which is expected to peak in April, is driving up prices for European products. The concern now is by how much European suppliers will be able to reduce prices to accommodate the change in currency rates. So far good quality whitewood laminated beam prices are down by 20 Euro to about 500 Euro per cubic metre C & F, but so far the trade is not reporting any change in prices of lumber products.

The plywood market remains dull despite the bullish price push from softwood plywood producers in response to continuous increases in Russian larch log prices.

The market accepted the up thrust of prices for a while but with a lack actual demand dealers are failing to hold onto the higher price levels. Recently some dealers have been slashing prices to clear stocks before closing their books at the end of March.

ITTO are TIMBERWeb Media Partners

Canada: Truce called in fight over rainforest
Loggers, environmentalists and Indians agreed on Wednesday to limit logging in Canada's Pacific coast rainforests, which have become "ground zero" in a battle over wildlife protection.

Sappi appoints CEO
South African pulp and paper group Sappi has appointed a new London-based chief executive of its fine paper arm, the company said on Wednesday.

Carter Holt branches out, but stock chopped
New Zealand's largest forest products company, Carter Holt Harvey Ltd, is winning plaudits for its strategic direction but its stock continues to be dogged by earnings downgrades, industry overcapacity and a global downturn.

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Ellis Lumber Co Inc
From sawmills in the Northeastern USA, Ellis Lumber has continually produced some of the finest Appalachian grown hardwoods for more than 25 years.

Their top quality hardwoods are exported to over 35 countries, with their largest markets including Europe, Asia, the Pacific Rim, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Cherry logs from western Pennsylvania are particularly popular with western European customers, with all lumber kiln dried by computer-controlled procedures to eliminate surface check and honeycombing. All lumber is regraded after kilning.

Sawn primarily in Eastern Europe, Ellis sells very large quantities of European Beech to all world markets. The company owns a dry kiln facility in Italy and sawmills in some of the former Yugoslavian republics.

The company has recently opened an office in China to handle the sale of US and European, African and South American hardwoods, and also to source value-added wooden products for the US market.

The company has diversified with the establishment of a division to import these value-added products to the USA. Among them are pine, finger-jointed edge glued panels, mouldings and door jams from Eastern Europe, as well as hardwood T&G flooring from Europe, Asia and South America.

President Seymour Ellis said: "The fine quality of our European Beech is unparalleled. Once customers see the care taken with each bundle, they quickly realise that this is stock they have been seeking."

The Company also markets hardwood species from Ghana to Brazil, as furniture manufacturers seek new species to retain a competitive edge.

Ellis Lumber is a Full Member of TIMBERWeb.

Just for a Laugh

You'll love this one . . . . ?

A timber contractor had been persuaded to take a lad from the local school on work experience.

He met the lad on the first day and grumbled to him at every opportunity about how hard it was to make forestry work pay.

On their second day together, he picked him up and stopped off for fuel for his van.

"Fill it with diesel for us lad, I'm just going to pop in the shop for a newspaper," said the contractor.

The lad, pleased to have a small measure of responsibility, did as he was told.

When the contractor returned the lad proudly greeted him with, "You grumbled yesterday about how you can't make any money so I filled it up with petrol, it was cheaper!"

Okay, so that wasn't exactly hilarious, but how about this . . . .

A woman walked up to a little old man rocking in a chair on his porch.

"I couldn't help noticing how happy you look," she said. "What is your secret for a long happy life?"

"I smoke three packs of cigarettes a day," he said. "I also drink a case of whisky a week, eat fatty foods, and never exercise.

"That's amazing," the woman said. "How old are you?"

"Twenty- six," he said.

Send us your jokes (no rude ones please). All jokes published will receive a prize.

Email them today to: news@timberweb.com

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